BURP: Don't knock it 'til you try it.

I'm not suggesting that you host an open bar at work. What I am suggesting is that you adopt the BURP strategy in your place of business. Okay, now I'm sure you think I just returned from a two martini lunch, but alas I'm quite serious (yes, sober too). The BURP strategy (Bottom's Up for Remarkable Profits) is based on a single premise: nobody knows how to make your business succeed like those that do the work.

In business, high-level managers are responsible for creating the vision and mission, setting the direction in which the business will go and the means by which it will go there. Mid-level managers are responsible for implementing the policies and plans created at the highest level. Front-line managers direct the activities of the non-managerial personnel. Each of these people are subordinate to someone. If you're the CEO, it's the Board; a VP, it's the CEO; and so on.

Bottom's up? Why does it matter?

Every subordinate is the expert when it comes to the jobs they're entrusted to do. Success and profitability depend upon the performance of each and every subordinate. Imagine that staff at any level are not aware of the compelling vision and mission.

Imagine that the instruction given to them is not sufficient, clear and practical. Imagine there's no feedback loop, and all these things go unnoticed.

Who knows best when things are not what they should be? The answer is the subordinates -- every single one of them. Bottom's-Up matters because those who are performing a task know better than anyone (Yes, even better than the one who assigned the task) whether or not things are working well and how they can be improved. A more effective and efficient workplace is one that can and will achieve greater profitability.

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